Soham Grammarians : Ten Little Niggers 1953

John Butcher (1947) writes: This was a Sixth Form production in the Summer of 1953, with help from friends (some but not all Ely High School). It was performed in the Assembly Hall of the time, otherwise known as The Conservatory.

Ten Little Niggers: Paula Leonard - Tom Perry: source: John Butcher

L-R: John Lenanton - Tom Perry - Paula Leonard: source: John Butcher

L-R: John Malcolm 'Muggy' Watson - Alan Taylor - John Lenanton - John Butcher - 5 - Colin Rouse - Paula Leonard - Tom Perry - Bob Garner - Shirley Martin - Iris Human source: John Butcher

L-R: Colin Rouse, Alan Taylor, John Butcher, Paula Leonard, John Lenanton, Tom Perry, John Malcolm 'Muggy' Watson, Bob Garner, Shirley Martin and Iris Human: source: John Butcher

L-R: Shirley Martin, Tom Perry, Alan Taylor, Paula Leonard, John Lenanton, John Butcher: source: John Butcher

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