Soham Grammarians - Form 3A 1954/55

[B-Burwell C-Cambridge E-Ely F-Fordham L-Littleport N-Newmarket S-Soham W-Waterbeach]
back: Peter Pryke B - Roger Plumb C - Reg Fuller B - Mick McKellan W - Roger Munns N - Brian 'Lofty' Ward E - Robin Parr F - Gordon Jackson F - J. Clarke C - Geoff Constable L - Mike Reeve C
middle: Arthur Yardy L - Peter Reece C - Dave Leland W - Trinder S - Eric Cox, Little Thetford - John Drake Cheveley - Peter Boyce S - Ron Taylor C - Peter Mayes, Ashley - David Taylor, Teversham - John Kidman C - Lou Page L - Edwards E
front: Edward Barber L - Bert Tully W - Charlie Fowler W - David Crowe, Coveney
- Tony Fox L - Neville Cole, Chippenham - Bruce Simms N - Tony Mann S - Webb C - Neil Holmes E

"Trinder, Constable and McKellan were 1951 vintage, but dropped a form because of absence or academic reasons. The rest were 1952, except for Boyce who joined 1954 from another school, and Edwards, who joined from Leatherhead ( which he pronounced Leveread, to the confusion of all).

An anecdote concerning Gordon Jackson (a most prolific goal-scorer on the football field). By the 5th form, he had a bushy quiff of extremely thick hair, and like all of us, wore his school cap on the back of his head, to the point of it being invisible. Error-prone Charlie Ford reprimanded Gordon on one occasion, saying "Where's your cap, Jackson?" - "On my head, sir", replied Gordon, causing peals of laughter from us all, much to red-faced Charlie's embarassment.

How's that for memory?" Just a few first names needed.

source: Neil Holmes 52: identifiers: Neil Holmes
last updated 20 Aug 2005